Valle del Maipo Chilean Fruit S.A. works under the highest quality standards and in order to reduce the impact that their productive processes could have on the environment, they apply environmental policies to the areas of supplies, products, processes and labor organization.

To do so, Valle del Maipo Chilean Fruit S.A. has implemented the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Eurepgap systems. The first is focused on quality assurance, employee and environmental protection throughout the production, processing and transportation of agricultural goods.

The second, Eurepgap, is a private voluntary certification program created by 24 large supermarket chains that operate in different countries in Western Europe who organized the Euro Retailer Producer Working Group (Grupo Europeo Minorista).

Vincular is the Corporate Social Responsibility program that was developed by the Pontificia de la Universidad Católica de Valparaiso. The goal is to guide small and medium sized companies in their growth through an integral sustainable development process in the economic-financial, social and environmental areas.  Agrícola Valle del Maipo has accepted the challenge and is using this methodology today in each one of its internal processes.